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Looking for Solved Past Papers

Smoothmaths has one main focus. To help students from A-Z with maths exam preparation.

As helping all students prepare for maths exams is our sole focus and number one priority, the attraction to join us in our journey is particularly appealing to so many schools, colleges, students, and parents across the country. We provide the foundation for success based on primary sources, extensive research, and unrivaled accuracy for all your maths preparation problems.

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The Use Of Maths Professionals

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We also have detailed solutions created by maths professionals. This is an added supplement to our provisional service and an example of Smoothmaths’ dedication to providing excellent standards of service to our students and clients. The detailed solutions are paid and are only for the 11 and 13 Plus papers.

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Edexcel IAL

The Ultimate Preparation System

To ensure students can access the latest papers online we are always looking for the most innovative way we can prepare you mathematically for the tests ahead.
The core fundamentals we provide are the only things you need to get ready for exams. With Smoothmaths everything is in one place for you to learn, understand, practice, and succeed. Maths can be tricky so streamlining the various processes into manageable segments ensures you receive the optimized maths learning tool that you need ahead of those important exams.

Tutoring Services

 We offer one-to-one tutoring services online to support students in their maths studies or help them with exam preparation. Lessons are conducted using zoom and are charged at £80 an hour. 


We feel very happy to have met David.
We immediately recognized David’s benefit in learning and exam techniques.
David is skilled, reliable, always available for out of lesson time questions. His sessions are always useful and challenging. We highly recommend him as a tutor!


David started tutoring my daughter 7 months ago in preparation for 11+ exam. David’s approach to explaining complex and new concepts yet not taught by her state primary school was very effective. Access to vast amounts of material provided by David as a source of homework allowed her to practice not only past 11+ papers, but also focus on areas where she particularly struggled with helping her to improve through practice. This approach allowed her to gain knowledge, confidence and perform well during the exam resulting in an invitation to interviews to my daughter’s top choice schools. I highly recommend David, he is  very friendly, punctual and fast to respond to any requests/ last minute changes.


David is a really good maths tutor. He’s very engaged and is great at talking through and working out maths problems. As a result, he makes maths fun. He is also very punctual and is accessible by text/phone. He’s knowledgeable on the various entrance exams and GCSE boards.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He’s a good find!


My son started lessons with David last summer since then he got into Latymer upper. David uses many different approaches to deliver the message to his students. He is actively trying to create new content for his students so they don’t get bored of repetitive questions.
Thanks, David for your help.


David has been tutoring my son, in maths for several weeks, for the entrance tests to independent schools. So far I have been very pleased with how things have worked out. David is punctual and sets weekly homework that they review in the lesson. At the start, my son completed a couple of papers so that David could see his weak areas. They are now going back into those in more depth.
David will receive 5* when my son has a place at a school!!


David has delivered an initial assessment and structured lesson scheme for our daughter and so far she has responded well and engages fully during each 1 hour lesson. David is patient and ensures that the way the child is making sense of the exercises becomes logically clear and grounded as a platform for further development.


David is a very good tutor. My son (year 4) has greatly benefited from his weekly math lessons. He is able to engage my son and is very clear and through in each topic.


David is a very committed tutor and responds to emails very quickly. My son is finding the sessions very helpful and we believe it will make a difference in his exams.
See his comment below:
He is a very good tutor and is able to explain things clearly and efficiently. He is punctual and has a defined teaching structure.